New Chiropractic Office Opening Soon

doctor of the futureAs you all know, chiropractic care can be one of the best ways to treat your back and neck pain and as Thomas Edison they are the doctors of the future. The Korea Liberator is proud to announce that a new clinic is opening up right in our hometown of Oshkosh. They are offering free exams to the first 100 patients and have openings now. Check out their site and tell the doctor that we sent you!

Obama’s 2014 Education Budget Proposal

indexGood news for all you college students looking to finance your education. The Obama administration is proposing a $140 Pell grant increase. Not only that but they are also proposing more work study funds. This totals to about a $71 million increase. The main goal of this budget proposal is to make sure less financially stable students have the same opportunities as their counterparts. All the latest grants for college news here.

Work study funding will increase an additional $150 million to provide more opportunities for on the job experience.

Major Points:

  • Pell Grants increase from  $5,646 to $5,785
  • Work Study increase to $1.12 billion

Top Investments of 2014!

As you know, every year we bring you some of the best stocks to watch as well as some of the best ways to invest your savings. Right now is the best time to be investing in gold and silver. I have recently purchased over $2,000 worth of gold in the last 6 months. Gold is currently hovering around $1,600 and ounce according the, which is about one hundred dollars more than it was when I first started buying and is expected to increase over time. If you are interested in investing in gold and silver check out this video.

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